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Northeast Florida’s Premier Multi-Genre Fandom & Gaming Convention!
July 17th-19th  , 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida
ACC 7 LAN Party!

BYOC LAN Sponsored by:

What is a BYOC LAN Party?

A LAN party is an all-day-all-night gathering of computer gaming enthusiasts all in one physical location. The idea is to enjoy gaming on a fast lag-free network while enjoying a social atmosphere with gamers who you may have only previously played with online or to meet new like minded friends. BYOC stands for “Bring Your Own Computer”.

How much does it cost?

The LAN party is FREE with your paid admission into Ancient City Con. All LAN party participants must be wearing a convention badge.

Who is behind Wardogz?

Wardogz is brought to you by a team with over Fourteen years of experience organizing LAN parties and other related gaming events as well as a wide range of related information technology industry experience.

How old do I have to be to attend?

We don't have an age limit on our events, however those under 16 are required to send signed parental consent to us before they can participate in the event. The forms are available ***HERE***

What can I play?

If it's a PC game and it has network capabilities, you can play it. Just find someone else on the LAN who wants to join in. There’s also a ton of freeware and open source LAN games available on the internet. Please make sure your games are all up to date with the latest patches.

What do I need to bring?

Wardogz LANs are Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) events, so you'll need to bring everything related to your PC including all of your own software and games. You'll also need to bring a 4-way power strip as we provide one socket per participant.

Can I plug in my...?

Probably not! The only items you can plug into the Wardogz network are those relating to your PC and low powered peripheral items such as phone chargers. Items such as light strings, microwaves, kettles, mini-fridges and desk fans are not permitted.

Can I bring two monitors?

Due to power constraints only Staff members are allowed 2 monitors.

Am I allowed to use speakers?

Only Staff are permitted to bring speakers. Sorry. Just bring headphones. :)

What about sharing files?

You are not permitted to share any copyright or illegal materials on our network. An FTP server will be available on the network for legitimate file needs such as patches, maps and mods.

Can I play online games at the event?

It is a LAN party, so really we'd like everyone to play on the LAN, but we appreciate that late at night you may wish to play on an online server, so that will be ok. MMOs are permitted.

Will there be any servers running on the LAN?

We'll have a good range of dedicated servers available at the LAN, just ask us if you want us to host a server for any particular games?

Will you be running any tournaments?

Yes, we run a range of fun and prize-winning competitive tournaments at our events.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the LAN?

Absolutely not. Anyone found to bring their own alcohol into the LAN will be asked to leave.

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The LAN Party is back for 2015! Sponsored once again by War Dogz LAN Group!!! Here’s an FAQ to get you started....