I (the advertiser/agent named above) agree to the placement of print advertisement in Movement Magazine's Ancient City Con in the amount marked in this contract. By signing this agreement I acknowledge that I fully understand the terms and conditions of this contract and am authorized and retain full rights to act on the above name clients behalf in executing this contract.

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We will be using our new APP with a Digital Guide and print flyers for the event guide for 2019.

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Client agrees to pay the total amount due, plus production charges, if any apply, when invoiced. When no ad copy or mechanical is provided by the advertiser by the closing date, the publisher may insert another advertisement and the client forefits their payment, unless extension has been granted. If there is no previous ad to reference the client agrees to license MOVEMENT Magazine to create and place an ad on the clients behalf.

All advertising regulations will be governed by this rate card at the time of the scheduled appearance of the ad. Cancellation of any portion of a contract voids all rate and position protection. The publisher will not be bound by any conditions or provisions not stated in this contract or in the rate card. Acceptance of all advertising is subject to publisher’s approval and agreement by the advertiser to indemnify and protect the publisher from loss or expense on claims or suits based on contents of the subject matter of such advertisements. This includes suits for libel, plagiarism, copyright, infringement, and unauthorized use of a person’s name, artwork or photograph(s). Complaints and/or requests for any adjustments relative to advertising must be received by MOVEMENT Magazine within 4 days of publication. Cancellations accepted in writing only. Cancellations not accepted after noted publishing dates. MOVEMENT Magazine reserves the right to reject any advertising copy that does not conform to the standards of the publisher or show runner. Publisher’s liability for error shall not exceed cost of advertising space; publisher must be notified of any error, in writing, within 10 days after publication date. In the event that MOVEMENT Magazine makes an error in the reproduction of an advertisement, the magazine and it’s publishers reserve the right, at its own discretion, to adjust the invoice to reflect such error.

In the event that the magazine and it’s publishers be compelled to institute collection procedures the client or advertiser will be libel for all costs including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and accumulated interest on amounts past due. Note to advertising agencies; By signing this agreement, you agree to specific and complete financial responsibility for advertising placed, and this contract supersedes any previous or future written statement by you to MOVEMENT Magazine disavowing such financial responsibility.